Little moments of magic

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When I was 21 I was homeless. I never actually slept on the streets but without the kindness of strangers , I certainly would have had to.  I grew up in Ireland in the 80’s, it was grim, grey and everywhere there pervaded a feeling of wanting to escape.

Many of the artists of the time from Ireland like Van Morrison, U2 , Thin Lizzy, had gone to America to seek fame and fortune. All roads led West, and so on a bitterly cold January day , myself and my four school friends/bandmates arrived in Boston with nothing but a few sleeping bags , a phone number, a couple of guitars and a headful of dreams. We didn’t even bring coats.

As I sit here in my studio many years later  , looking back at those greenhorn kids, arriving in Logan airport with no idea what they were doing, knowing no-one, no plan and nowhere to sleep -well, the sheer madness of it leaves me sort of speechless.

But isn’t that the power of music? The ability to override common sense , to move us with some indefinable magic. I know everyone has had those moments when a song or a piece of music just gets under your skin in a way you can’t describe. For me as a musician, I think it’s still those little moments that I live for, whether it’s my own music or a Tom Waits song or Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma or countless others.

Twenty years later, three record deals, countless shows, recording studios, tv appearances , even a collaboration with George Harrison and a million other musical experiences along the way ,yet still it’s those little moments of magic that make it all worthwhile.

But maybe the little moments aren’t quite enough.

And  that’s where you the listener come in.
In a vast ocean  of music and so many ways to hear it , there can sometimes be a sense of futility ,writing and releasing songs into a void. So when someone follows a link and downloads a song, the feeling of connection is beautiful and  makes it all so worthwhile.  Everyones journey is different ,mine like anyones has had all kinds of highs and lows but the constant has been the music and that’s what has kept me here. Here’s hoping it keeps you here too.
If you would like to listen to the latest installment on my musical journey  ” The sky on my Birthday” you can do so here.

Thank you for being a listener and for making it all worthwhile


  • Noirin kelleher says:

    The “sky on my birthday” is so soulful. I love tuning in to it especially listening to “invade my heart”. You are a wonderful and talented artist Decky and since you stormed America in the day with the lads following ye’re dreams and fuelled with passion, ye were a breath of fresh air. Keep writing and bringing us mere mortals lots more beautiful lyrics. best always, Noirin.

  • Keith says:

    I just gave another listen to “When I’m gone”, love it. My own journey had me leaving home long ago following some hope that I would be able to make it out here in my own. I’m still here, still got family and friends, still remember the ones who left this earth far too soon. This song reminded me of them. Keep up the music!

    • admin says:

      Hi Keith,
      Thanks for getting in touch and I am very happy that you have connected with that song. The inspiration for it came from my neighbour who had to go into an old folks home. I had to go over to his house to pick something up and I was standing in his living room surrounded by pictures of his kids, the piano, a full life really but gone now. It hit me hard but still I think we all look back with a little bit of humour and regret!
      Keep in touch

  • Eero Helemäe says:

    I love When I’m gone, it’s truly a great song. It has a great atmosphere in it that makes me wanna listen that song again and again. I’m more of a springsteen fan but I could definitely hear tom waits from I just want to know for sure. You have true talent in you, so I’m sure you will continue making great songs.
    P.S. you could think about uploading your stuff to youtube too.
    Greetings from Finland!

    • admin says:

      Hi EERO,
      Thank you for the kind words. I am so glad you like the music.
      Hopefully , I will have a few videos on youtube very soon.
      Keep in touch

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